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John Wilson Phoenix Gold Blades

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John Wilson has created a blade that is 46% lighter than traditional blades and up to 20% lighter than aluminum products. The Phoenix is the lightest blade on the market without any loss in strength, saving skaters energy and increasing their time in the air. The blade showcases a full carbon body with a stainless steel runner. The stainless steel will outperform anything John Wilson has offered before in its ability to resist corrosion while providing extended edge life. The patented technology utilizes a nano charged matrix formula to provide increased strength and performance. Officially the lightest blade on the market, providing increased energy saving and maximum air time.

The Phoenix Gold represents the best of the John Wilson brand as it masterfully honors the iconic Gold Seal curve and integrates it with a game-changing nano-charged matrix formula to provide increased strength and performance throughout the blade’s carbon fibre frame.

Unlike the Revolution technology which is centered around its responsiveness and flexibility, the Phoenix Gold is one of the stiffest blades in our range and is perfectly suited for those craving rigidity and maximum airtime from their blades. Furthermore, the Phoenix Gold displays a stainless steel runner packed with carbide generators like molybdenum and vanadium for unrivaled toughness, rust prevention and edge life. While we pay homage to the Gold Seal curve in the Phoenix Gold’s nomenclature, please note that the Phoenix Gold does not feature the tapered and hollow-ground feature which the Gold Seal possesses. When you think Phoenix Gold, think: stainless steel, rigid, Gold Seal curve and the lightest blade ever made.

Phoenix Gold are offered with Silver or Black housing and all John Wilson blades are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Rocker: 8', Available in sizes 8"–11"

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