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GAM Boots and Skates

The GAM Program utilizes 2 Fit Patterns:

GAM PRO FIT • Used for our Regular Width stock product The Pro Last is ideal for medium and high arch requirements; designed with a tight heel to reduce slippage. We stock using an A/B width that when combined with the Gam Wrap provides an excellent fit.

ADAPTED WIDTH (AW) FIT • Used for our AW-C Width stock product The AW last provides a more relaxed fit that is particularly well suited for recreational skaters. It is ideal for skaters with a flat foot, reducing side pressure and can readily accommodate an orthotic or special footbed.

GAM WRAP SYSTEM Designed for Exceptional Fit
The GAM Wrap System is designed to ‘wrap’ the boot to the skater’s foot to provide superior stability and support.

SUPREME SHOCK ABSORPTION LCL Leather Cork composite sole and the new Matrix Poron Footbed System deliver improved stability and superior shock absorption.

GAM HEAT MOLDING SYSTEM The GAM Series boots utilize advanced microfibers that are lighter, stronger and enhance the boot’s Heat Moldability. Custom Fit in less than 10 minutes. Better Materials for Superior Fit and Performance.

GAM SUPPORT RATING SYSTEM Designed to ensure that skaters are fitted with the appropriate support for their level of skating.

GAM WRAP SYSTEM & FLEX NOTCH Wrap System shapes the boot to the skater’s foot for superior stability and support. The Flex Notch simulates the ankle’s natural bending mechanism.

GAM CUSTOM Need a wider or narrower fit? Gam has you covered. (2-4 week lead time) Need a full custom? No problem! (6-8 week lead time)

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