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Aura Skates

Made in Canada and born of more than 25 years of relentless innovation, AURA combines years of research with revolutionary technology to deliver a figure skate unlike any other. The most revolutionary and technologically advanced figure skate on the market has arrived.

Fit for performance using 3D foot scanning technology, AURA delivers unparalleled responsiveness, increased mobility, and exceptional on-ice performance.

Custom Fit

Utilizing our patented 3D foot scanning technology, AURA is fit for performance around the individual structure of your foot. From your 3D scan, AURA’s ultra lightweight unibody shell will be uniquely formed around your personalized foot last.

Unibody Shell

AURA’s entire boot structure – including heel – is a single carbon fiber shell that is integrated with a thermoplastic polymer. This ultra lightweight unibody shell unlocks unparalleled responsiveness and impact reduction for greater control, more centered spins, and safer, more composed jump landings.

Ultra Lightweight
With a center of mass weight reduction of up to 700 grams, AURA greatly enhances your performance potential. The ultra lightweight boot increases jump height, reduces the moment of inertia, and unlocks greater rotational velocity making previously impossible jumps, possible.

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