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Jackson MX8120 Matrix Freestyle RXS Blades

Jackson MX8120 Matrix Freestyle RXS Blades

  • $ 64995

Replace runners in seconds and keep edges fresh with the NEW and INNOVATIVE Matrix RXS from Jackson!
The ability to change runners allows:
  • Greater consistency in the sweet spot
  • Eliminates the need to get accustomed to new blades & rockers
  • Having extra sharpened runners provides convenient consistency and confidence when needed
Matrix RXS maintains the features of our Matrix blades, the best blades on the market:
  • Lightweight Aircraft Grade aluminum chassis
  • Extremely strong Japanese AUS8 Stainless Steel replaceable runner
  • Superior edge control with tapered edges
  • Pick patterns are identical to those on our Ultima blade models, allowing seamless transition
  • Cross cut picks
  • Stainless steel runner holds edges longer
  • Standard heel
  • Advanced competition profile
  • Freestyle/pairs usage
  • 8' Rocker
  • 7/16" Radius of Hollow

Sizes: 8″ through 11″ in 1/4″ increments.

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