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Edea Ice Fly Boots

  • $ 88500

The Ice Fly boot is the lightest skating boot available and represents a huge turning point in skating and skating technology; an ultra modern design for skaters who like winning. The flexibility in the boot means added grace and elegance to every performance.

Extra Tough Construction 90
Ladies Sizes (White):  205 – 280 in 5mm increments
Mens Sizes (Black):  210 – 310 in 5mm increments
Skates US is the ONLY Distributor in the World to offer the following ICE FLY Sizes in addition to the standard sizes starting at 225: 205 (White Only), 210, 215, and 220 in White and Black, NOW available from stock
If you don't see your size or width, please contact us at

Colors:  White and Black
Type of Skating:  ICE and Inline Roller Skating
Training Level:  Double, Triple, and Quad Jumps
Training Hours:  20 to 25 Plus Hours per week
Comfort Level: Edea's MOST Comfortable Skate, almost Feels like a Tennis Shoe

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