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Gel Ankle Sleeve, 5"

Gel Ankle Sleeve, 5"

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The  Gel Ankle Sleeve is 3" wide and 5" in length. Used to cushion and protect the entire ankle area from chafing, rubbing, and friction caused by stiff ice skating boots. This is a fantastic solution for all skaters, whether hockey, figure, roller or inline. Skaters often refer to these by the brand name "Bunga" pads.

Sold Individually. Looking for 2? We sell them in pairs at a discount! See product UM1001P

Special Notes and Instructions: This product is designed to be worn around the ankle area. It is NOT recommended to pull the ankle sleeve over the heel or mid-foot as this will overstretch the material. If you need heel protection, look at the Achille's Heelpad.

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