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Edea ShowGirl Boots

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We are very excited about the EDEA ShowGirl Boots providing Show Skaters and High-Level Dance Skaters with a very beautiful tan boot with incredible comfort; a low cut back for those wonderful toe points; the ability to custom “Shape” the skates; the quick-drying lining; the NEW 4 Hook Lacing System; the tongue system with a toe lift; and the NEW EDEA E-Shells. The EDEA ShowGirl will be the new standard for Show Skaters and High-Level Dance Skaters or skaters who just want a beautiful tan boot.


  • A low-cut back with a Tan cuff that is just a couple of millimeters taller than the standard Flamenco Ice for that extra strength and support for jumping, while especially allowing a wonderful toe point while being incredibly comfortable.
  • The lining is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, the same as the Edea Ice Fly model.
  • The tongue is like the Edea Piano and Ice Fly in structure, strength, padding, and feeling. The tongue also has a pair of slits near the toe which can be laced through to provide a “Toe Lift” to the tongue, if desired.
  • The NEW EDEA E-SHELL Tongue Support System. The removable E-Shell Tongue Supports come in 2 strength options. EDEA E-Shells are NOT intended to be used on new Skates, they are to help EXTEND the life of the skates.
  • A Recessed 4 Hook Lacing System. This new system will provide several important enhancement: will allow for increased lace security; will enhance working with Adagio Skating; and may even help with the life expectancy of the over-the-boot hose.
  • A Red inlaid waterproof sole imbedded in the arch with crystals

Available only in Tan color.
Tough Construction: 90
Sizes Available: 230 through 270 “B” and “C” widths; 275 and 280 “C” width only
Type of Skating: Ice Show Skating and Dance, and Inline Roller Skating
Training Level: Double, Triple Jumps, along with Pattern and Free Dance, or those desiring a stiff Tan-color boot
Training Hours: 20 to 25 Plus Hours per week
Comfort Level: Ultra Comfortable Skate with a great point

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