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Edea Ice Discovery Deluxe Skate Package

Edea Ice Discovery Deluxe Skate Package

  • $ 38900

The Ice Deluxe Discovery Package is everything you need to get started in ice skating. It is designed as an introductory package that pairs EDEA’s Charme blade OR MK Galaxy blade with the Edea Overture boot for best results right out of the box.
These Packages ARE the Packages, No CUSTOMER Substitutions.

Ladies Sizes (Ivory): 195 through 280 in 5mm increments
Mens Sizes (Black): 195 through 290 in 5mm increments
Ivory and Black
Support: 48
 Medium Stiffness
Training Level: Amateur Level for Serious Beginners and Adult Skaters who prefer a stiffer construction Skate

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