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Ultima Blades

Edge Enhancement Technology is a proprietary manufacturing technology introduced by Ultima after years of research and development. The process produces harder edges which extends edge life significantly over blades of our competitors. The process is standard on our Supreme, Freestyle, Dance and Elite blade models. Look for E-X-T, your guarantee for harder edges, stronger blades and a longer edge life. Our new Matrix blades are up to 33% lighter than traditional blades which reduces fatigue and increases performance. Stainless steel runners ensure longer edge life. At the forefront of the Matrix system is the revolutionary chassis made from lightweight Aerospace Aluminum alloy, extruded and milled to increase cosmetic appeal and further reduce the overall weight. This unique one piece unit adds greater strength and provides a quieter ride than traditional blades. Using AUS8 Stainless Steel in our Matrix blades allows your blades to be maintenance free, hold edges longer and thereby will last longer. The runner is inset into the chassis and permanently secured using 3 axels made of high quality 7000 Aircraft Aluminum Alloy. Inserted into the chassis of our Supreme, Freestyle and Elite blades is a stainless steel guard to protect the back of the blade from damage. The blade specifications and pick patterns are the same as on our traditional Ultima blades, which significantly reduces transition time. Now available in five configurations: Supreme, Freestyle, Elite, Dance or Legacy in an array of colours!