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EDEA Always “WITH ME” Accessory Skate Bag

  • $ 6900

The EDEA Always “WITH ME” Accessory Skate Bag is an elegant way to carry “WITH ME” to the Ice. All the things you need and want in a beautiful compact case with faux Mink Handles.

The EDEA Always “WITH ME” case is available in 5 different colors:

Black with Gold piping Trim
Pink with Silver piping Trim
Champagne with White piping Trim
Ice Blue with Silver piping Trim

The main compartment comes with a Collar and Draw String to keep your belonging neatly tucked inside. Also included is a removable Draw String Bag, to make it easy to add and remove groups of items. On both ends of the EDEA Always “WITH ME” are zippered pockets and outside pouches. The front zippered Pocket of the EDEA Always “WITH ME” is very special as it includes a removable mirror and an internal Mesh zipper pocket.

The EDEA Always “WITH ME” bag can neatly carry some or all of the following: a square Tissue box, a Water bottle, your CELL Phone, your music (CD or Jump Drive), Blade Guards, a drying Towel, Lip Gloss, some Make-Up, a Hair brush, Hair Pins and Scrunchies or Hair Bands, and just about anything else you can think of.

Approximately 12″W x 8″D x 7″H

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