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Quality is built into every pair of Harlick's!

Buying hand crafted Harlick skating boots assures you of over 70 years of design knowledge, research, and experience built into each boot. Since it's foundation, Harlick and Company has been the leader in new boot design developments in the skating industry. Our designers continuously work side by side with skaters and industry professionals to maintain Harlick's high standards and goals - to make and sell the boot of perfection.

Harlick custom boots are as unique as each skater who buys and wears them. We offer individually, hand designed boot patterns, uppers to match precise foot measurements, and personalized lasts for custom fit.

In addition to custom fit design, Harlick custom boots offer a variety of options to suit your skating needs. Choose from orthopedic ankle padding, special tongue padding, scalloped insteps for flexibility, various ankle strengths for just the right support, soft skating orthotics and many other custom options. All work together to create the perfect boot for you.

With your purchase of Harlick skating boots, you have the excellence to be the skater you know you can be.

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