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Eclipse Blades

Move across the surface of the ice like never before. Superior edges for crisp footwork. Better rake engagement for sharper turns and take-offs. True edge consistency for precision landings. Flawless finishes for undisputable beauty. Designed and made by master craftsmen in North America, Eclipse Blades offer the excellence skaters and coaches seek. With strength, consistency and beauty in mind, each pair of Eclipse Blades provides a stellar skating experience.

Eclipse Blades are produced using the best combination of time-honored tradition and state-of-the-art technology for the most consistent skating edges availalble today. Laser cutting and precision post heat-treated profiling allow for finer tolerances. Automated chrome relief finishing, computer-controlled soldering and multi-process polishing ensure a sleek and beautiful finsh. Eclipse Blades must be custom sharpened to skaters desired radius of hollow (R.O.H.) prior to use.