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What Does a Beginning Figure Skater Need for Lessons?

Posted by Lisa Mirabito on

Welcome to the world of figure skating! You've signed your child up for Learn to Skate lessons at your local club and now you wonder, what's next? Here are a few things you want to consider to help him/her get the most out of their ice time, both in lessons and practice:

• Purchase figure skates!
The rental skates are fine when first testing out the sport, but if your skater is advancing, you will want to purchase skates of her own. Why? They will fit your child properly and that should help with advancement, and you will be able to maintain them your child. We offer skate fitting and sizing for all levels. 
• Proper clothing!
Skaters need to be able to bend their knees and hold their arms up for balance. Give them stretch performance apparel so that they can do as their instructor asks without being restricted by bulky winter wear. Finger gloves are also a must at any level. You can find all sorts of ideas on our site!
• Accessories for skates and skating!
You will need some kind of bag to bring those new skates to and from the rink. Guards and soakers will protect the skates when transporting them and wearing them. A cloth for drying off the boots and blades is a great addition to the bag. And gloves (and helmet for the newest skaters) will protect your skater when she falls.

These simple steps will help your skater get off to a great start on the ice.

Need help! Please contact us at and we will do our best to guide you. 

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