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Custom Fit
Utilizing our patented 3D foot scanning technology, AURA is fit for performance around the individual structure of your foot. From your 3D scan, AURA’s ultra lightweight unibody shell will be uniquely formed around your personalized foot last.

  • Unibody Shell
    AURA’s entire boot structure – including heel – is a single carbon fiber shell that is integrated with a thermoplastic polymer. This ultra lightweight unibody shell unlocks unparalleled responsiveness and impact reduction for greater control, more centered spins, and safer, more composed jump landings.
  • Engineered Flex
    Integrated directly into AURA’s unibody shell, our Engineered Flex Channel strikes a perfect balance between mobility and support. The channel removes pressure from joints and muscles during jumps by providing forward flexion during take off, and gives the sensation of ‘spring-back’ by returning to position.
  • Ultra Lightweight
    With a center of mass weight reduction of up to 700 grams, AURA greatly enhances your performance potential. The ultra lightweight boot increases jump height, reduces the moment of inertia, and unlocks greater rotational velocity making previously impossible jumps, possible.
  • Impact Absorption
    AURA’s custom fit technology and unibody shell provides superior impact absorption by dispersing force throughout the skate instead of directly into the foot. The impact absorbing footbed reduces stress on your legs, while the dampening heel piece mitigates vibration for control and comfort – from practice through to competition.

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